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PhD Thesis Editing Service

Exemplary research is necessarily free of linguistic, logical, and conceptual errors rendering a smooth and comprehensible document. For an average research to surpass all university/journal standards, editing is a must. An unedited document in fact, is nothing more than a pile of scribbled sheets.

Polishing your written document for grammatical mistakes, punctuation and spelling errors, tense-verb disagreement, and other syntax issues is a prediment to successful publication or submission.

Having years of experience in academic research industry, our team of editors do every bit possible to transform your writing into research-worthy, publication-ready material. Our customized PhD thesis editing services in Qatar are targeted to research scholars in dire need of advancing their research work (in any subject field under the sun).

Adopting university-specified style manuals, formatting guidelines, reference styles, etc. is an integral part of editing. We have dedicated team of personnel expertised in APA, MLA, Harvard, OSCOLA, and several other formatting/referencing style guides.

Our service inclusions:


  • Spell-check & punctuation
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Citation check


  • Figures and charts
  • Layout
  • Font style/size


  • Logical comprehension
  • Word choice or verbose
  • Redundancy & repetitions

Our Service features:

  • 1.Data confidentiality
  • You can be assured of data security and confidentiality owing to our ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’.

  • 2.Fastest turnarounds
  • We guarantee the least possible turnarounds in the industry owing to our adroit team of editors and language experts.

  • 3.Customised editing
  • Indicate any specific requirements at the beginning of your project so that our subject-matter experts can cater to those at the earliest.

Popular Services with Indicative Pricing:

  • Scientific Editing: $ 12 per page
  • Standard Editing: $ 10 per page
  • Proofreading: $ 8 per page
  • Formatting: $ 2 per page
  • Plagiarism check: $ 1 per page

If you wish to know more about our PhD thesis editing services in Qatar, then simply send us a message at
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