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PhD Research Consultant

Operating under the prestigious Regent Research Writing Pvt. Ltd, our team of honed research professionals has been constantly delivering high-quality consulting services to PhD research students in Qatar. We have a knack for understanding research works from every subject field under the sun and develop ‘basic’ to ‘semi-designed’ and ‘rejected’ research into 100% academically compliant research documents.

Providing step-wise consultation on all stages of research; conceptualizing, literature research, writing, editing, data analysis, translation, etc., we have emerged as a 360 degree thesis solutions provider in Qatar. Ranging from topic and methodology selection to designing your research and developing documents, our consultants provide hand holding till successful PhD degree attainment.

Our comprehensive thesis consultation services in Qatar consists of reviewing, analyzing, and reforming your research work. This is aided by our adroit team of research consultants who belong to the same subject field as yours and mentor you from the start of your research till the end.

Stress points for most Phd scholars:

  • Limited access to supervisors/service providers
  • Lack of individual attention
  • Restricted or narrow service scope
  • Majorly writing based offerings
  • No training for literature search
  • Lack of assistance in choosing RM
  • No preparation for thesis defence sessions

Solutions offered under our PhD research consultation

  • Topic consultation
  • Developing key research questions
  • Framing the methodology for conducting research
  • Drafting of layout/chapters
  • Literature Search, Annotated Bibliography, Development of research gap
  • Analysis/Implementation

Having served the research industry for several years now and being led by well renowned academicians, researchers and the like, we have gathered knowledge about the pain points of most scholars across subjects. This has helped us to appropriately customise our consultation services to suit their research needs.

When you select a service, we assign a team that will be most suitable for the project. We have experts who have in depth knowledge about a variety of subjects and keep track of recent developments in the field.

Our PhD research consultants in Qatar provide value-adding tips and solutions to research scholars enabling them to overcome all obstacles and complete their study effectively. We support students with varied types of research studies.

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